Wanderlust: Spring into DC’s Cherry Blossoms

After a long winter, most of us anxiously await the first signs of Spring.  We keep a tight watch outside for sprigs of green grass, promising buds in the garden, and warmer sunny days.  Meanwhile Mother Nature plays out a dramatic dance between two seasons that keeps us in limbo.  A few days ago it was a winter wonderland outside my window, yesterday (the official first day of spring) it was blue skies and t-shirts, and now Tuesday’s forecast calls for a high of 35 degrees and snow.  It is a great example of some old spring wisdom; it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.   Happy Belated Spring Equinox, oh, and here is more snow!

Me and the Cherry Blossoms in 2013

Me and the Cherry Blossoms in 2013

Yes, winter has been hanging in there but to me that is great!   I am one of those “odd ducks” who loves winter.  I said “ducks” with a ‘s’ because I am hoping there are others out there, any takers?  No?  Snowboarding down the mountainside, curling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate while reading a good book, and watching the snowflakes fall…what is not to like, am I right?  Okay, maybe not to most.  I am always very sad to watch winter fade away, until I remember that Springtime in Washington DC means Cherry Blossoms.  Having been a drifter my whole life (a Washingtonian right now), I am thrilled to experience the Cherry Blossom season again this year.

Washingtonians love our Cherry Blossoms, each spring the city is swept away with pink petal themes and the blossom countdown.  I am giddy with anticipation of their arrival.  Now, when I said season I should clarify that the Cherry Blossom timeframe isn’t so much a season as a miraculous display that can last up to two weeks (weather depending).  The National Park Service horticulturists monitor these delicate buds to provide a prediction of when the blossoms will be at peak bloom.  For 2014, the peak Cherry Blossom bloom is predicted to be April 8th -12th.  A bit later than the April 4th average due to the prolonged winter, but this should be just in time for the grand Cherry Blossom parade.  That is right, we love these pretty little pink petals so much we celebrate a mutli-week Cherry Blossom Festival that ends in a nationally televised parade!

Since there aren’t any blossoms just yet, and Cherry Blossom Festival officially kicked off yesterday, I thought I would share some photos I took during last year’s Cherry Blossom season.  I hope you enjoy them and stay tuned over the next few weeks for more Cherry Blossom photos and fun!

DC 040

DC 053

DC 042

DC 046

Want to bring some Cherry Blossom beauty into your home?  These photos and more are available through my Under Open Skies, Wanderlust Travel Collection.  Feel free to use the form below or email me at seekopenskies@gmail.com


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