Top 5 Reasons Why D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms Are A Happy Person’s Must See


Believe in Pink5.  The blossoms are about friendship.  These gorgeous trees were given as a gift from the people of Japan to the people of the United States as a symbol of the blossoming friendship between our two countries. This spirit of friendship can be seen each year as people from around the world gather to admire the trees.  Friends play Frisbee together, while lovers picnic in the grove, and children laugh running through the falling petals.  Something about the cherry blossoms brings out the best in people.

4.  Washington D.C. has never been as beautiful.  There is something regal about the capitol city; it’s stunning buildings, museums, and art draw spectators all year long.  Yet no view of the city compares to those of D.C. dressed in it’s springtime best!

3.  The blossoms celebrate life and the renewal energy of spring.  Despite how separate from nature our fast-paced society seems to be, we will always be one with the world, living one moment to the next.  During spring we transition from moments of winter stillness to moments springing into life.  Spring in D.C. means the Cherry Blossom Festival will bring a pop of color, energy, and personality with it’s kite flying and parades.  The energy of the cherry blossom trees coming to life again is felt around you and within in.  This is the same energy that causes us to hop into our own phase of spring cleaning.  The blossoms represent the cheerful internal glow that clears the way for all the good things to come in our lives.

2.  There is something magical about the cherry blossoms.  The phrase pilgrimage is something you typically hear with regard to religion these days, but the cherry blossoms of D.C. generate full fledged pilgrimages.  People flock from around the world to see these trees but what is it that draws them?  Having been a regular cherry blossom pilgrim, I can attest that there is something mystical about the pretty pink flowers.  They are around for such a short period of time (14 days max) and when they bloom, along with how long they stay, is entirely dependent on the weather.  It is a game with nature trying to time your trip just right for peak bloom.  Too cold…they wait to bloom.  Perfectly warm then a quick freeze or heavy wind…they fall off and blow away.  So to even be in D.C. during this time can be a frustrating game of hit or miss, but when your timing works out it is a gift like no other.  Standing in a grove of cherry blossoms as the sun shines through and the petals drift down upon you…it reminds you that you are the princess in your life’s story and those  fairy tale moments truly do exist.

1.  They will be a memorable experience that brings a smile to your face.  I am smiling right now being caught up in a daydream about my magical moment in the cherry blossom grove.  I miss them already!

I’d like to share my Cherry Blossom memories with you.  Below is a sneak peek at the release of this year’s 2014 Cherry Blossom Photos from my Wanderlust Collection.  Which one is your favorite and why?  Comment at the bottom of this post and let me know!  I’d love to hear from you.

Cherry Blossom 14 049

Cherry Blossom 14 041Cherry Blossom 14 042 Cherry Blossom 14 060 Cherry Blossom 14 055Cherry Blossom 14 198 Cherry Blossom 14 186 Cherry Blossom 14 084 Cherry Blossom 14 064


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