Hains Point, The Hidden Gem of Washington D.C.

Hains PointAmid the hustle and bustle of the Nation’s Capital quietly awaits a scenic outdoor escape from city life.  The East Potomac Park (also known as Hains Point) rests on a tranquil peninsula between the Washington Channel and the Potomac River.  From the golf course to the playground, this peaceful slice of paradise has something for everyone.

Hains Point Loop

Hains Point Loop Courtesy of mapmyride.com

During my last visit, the often traffic-less roadway around the peninsula was alive with dedicated fall runners and cyclists enjoying their brisk outing by the water.  The Hains Point Loop is 3.2 miles around Ohio Drive SW and across Buckeye Drive to your start point. This is perfect for those who are training for an upcoming 5K race (5K is equal to 3.1 miles).  Or equally as nice for a “joy run”.


My nephew sliding down one of several slides

Meanwhile, we spent time with our family at the large and fully fenced-in playground.  Emphasis on the “fenced-in”…being a parent of only fur kids, my niece and nephews taught me that this quality is equally as nice with children.  We had a blast running free, climbing on the monkey bars, and sliding down the slides.  When we needed a five minute recharge, there were plenty of picnic tables available.  There was also the bonus of regular bathrooms (not port-a-potties) in case one of the crew needed to make a pit stop.  All in all, it was a great afternoon of fun for the family.

As the sun started to sink down in the sky, we decided to stop by the water to watch the sunset.  It is hard to beat the view and burst of colors on display during a sunset at East Potomac Park!  I decided to capture to scene in a video; it is the only way to appreciate how the colors dance off the surface of the water.

I hope you enjoyed your peek at Hains Point.  If you know of any other “city escapes”  in your area, please do share!  Until next Friday, enjoy the wanderlust!


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