Start Living a More Positive Life: Changes You Can Make Today

What is “Positive Living”?  How can it help you live a better life?  And where do you start?  These are three excellent questions that we are going to tackle together right now in Part I of this post series.

Positive Life2What is “Positive Living?”  Positive living is an active decision to embrace and incorporate meaningful things into your life.  It is a way for you to live your life to the fullest by paying attention to the things that matter and making small moments count.  Living with intention is the best way to summarize this philosophy. You define what is important to you and then you choose to build your life around those things.

How can this help you live a better life?  Let me answer this question with a question, have you ever felt like there is something missing from your life?  You may not be able to be your finger on it, but you know it is the key to making your life what it should be. You’ve tried to fill this void with all sorts of things but, ironically, the missing “something”  is YOU.  This may seem like a strange idea, but let me explain.  Think back to yourself as that carefree child you once were.  You didn’t spend time wondering about what was missing or why you don’t feel happy because you were too busy living life to its fullest.  You were happy when you were happy, sad when you were sad.  You knew what you liked and what you didn’t, then you instinctively tried to get more of the good and less of the icky.  Yes, we lived in the moment and then somewhere along the way we forgot how to do this.  We grow up, get tangled in responsibilities, and lose sight of the life we were meant to live.  Well it is time to fix that.  Getting back in touch with the YOU deep inside is the missing key to getting your life back on the right track.

iPhone 699

One of my Soul Searching Doodles…at One with Animals and Nature

So, what is important to you?  This is where you start.  Really take your time thinking about this because it is going define the foundation you will build your life on.  Meditate on it, pray about it, journal it, talk it over with someone you trust…whatever helps you to get in touch with the real you that is deep down inside and already knows the answer!  I am a meditating, journal doodling, talk out loud to myself type of thinker.  Thorough this combination of very scientific techniques over several cups of tea, I came up with my answer.  Nature, animals, travel, creative expression, friendship, cutesy things, standing my ground, and humanitarianism are a few of the things I found at my core.  You need to find your own unique combination of YOU, and don’t let stereotypes get in the way of what you find.  It took me a while to work past the “hippie/princess”  box others tried to put me into, but you know what, bottom line is I’m just me and I’ve never been happier.

Take some time this week to explore inside yourself and make (a non-judgmental/non-conditional) note of what you discover.  Anyone brave enough to share some personal insight is welcome to drop a line in the comments.  Next week we will take this foundation and start building the life you’ve always imagined in Part II of this series!

Did you enjoy this post and want to walk through the series?

Next is Step 2: Assessment Time

Then is Step 3: Time for Change


4 thoughts on “Start Living a More Positive Life: Changes You Can Make Today

  1. This is a perfectly timed post for me, thank you!
    This is great advise. I’ve been trying to change careers to non-profit, however for now, I still need ‘profit’ to pay bills… Workin’ on it tho.
    Beautiful drawing also! !


    • Thank you, I am very glad it helped! Those bills can make the career change a monumental step. It took me a while to figure out how to make it work too and then a while longer to gain courage to do it. Keep working on it though, everything will come eventually come together. I am a firm believer that no matter your dream, there is a niche waiting to be found 🙂


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