Meet Jennifer

Two Pups - Fox and Denali 027Hi, my name is Jennifer, the artist and owner of Under Open Skies.  I created my own art business so I could share my passion to create with others.  I want to capture your furry friend’s cherished moments in portraits and photos that will last a lifetime.  I want to bring you to exotic places or close encounters in the wilderness through my travel photography.  I want to help you find that perfect one of a kind gift you’ve been looking for to give to the friend who has always been there for you.  I want to create beautiful pieces that brighten your day when you see them at home.  Under Open Skies is a way for me to share the things I love with other people who love the same things too.

I’ve never been fond of writing about myself in third person with a resume in paragraph format, it feels cold and impersonal.  So I decided to tell you about myself in a more creative way with a few fun facts below.

Fifteen Fun Facts about Me

  1. I graduated from Penn State University. We Are! (Someone give me a “Penn State!”) I wanted to be a lawyer or a veterinarian so I earned a degree in Political Science and Equine Science. Then I joined the United States Air Force instead.
  2. I am the third generation in my family to serve in the Air Force, but the first female. We have family in every branch of the military. I am very proud to serve with each of them.
  3. My first camera was a purple and teal Point N’ Shoot 110 by Vivitar, a gift from my grandma. I walked through Disney World with the view finder to my face the entire time.
  4. I currently shoot with a Canon 40D but still have my childhood purple camera. It is important to remember your roots and why you love doing what you do!
  5. I’ve been riding horses since I was eight years old and currently own a young Palomino Zweibrücker (German Warmblood) named Mahailia.
  6. Mahailia was halter broke when we welcomed her into our family and now, with the support and assistance of my wonderful husband, I am training her under saddle.
  7. I was born on Valentine’s Day. Since most people aren’t free to celebrate my birthday on the actual day, I celebrate Birthday Week. It is an awesome annual week long party! My husband gets me a gift for each day; did I mention he is an awesome guy?
  8. 99.9% of the margins of my homework growing up were covered with puppy and pony related doodles. My English teachers banned me from using horses as a writing topic.
  9. I get really excited every fall for pumpkin beer and Halloween! I really want to dress my horse up as a unicorn.
  10. When I was twelve years old, I gathered up all my best pencil drawings and tried to run an art business. I owe a lot to wonderful friends and neighbors who encouraged my crazy dream!
  11. My mom is also an Artist. I am biased, but she is truly talented. I try to feature her work as a guest artist as much as possible. I would love to run an art and tea shop together with her one day.
  12. I’ve never lived in one place longer than 3 years and I love it! I’ve lived in New Mexico, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, Alabama, North Carolina, Portugal, England, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Wyoming. I currently live in Maryland, consider myself “from” Pennsylvania (if I have to choose), and plan to settle down in Colorado (if I can).
  13. I have two wonderful dogs, Fox the German Shepherd and Denali the Husky. We call Fox the “Woo Woo” or “Fuzzy Bear” and Denali is “Yub Yub” or “Fluffy Bunny Puppy”.
  14. I’ve become a long distance running junkie.
  15. I love, love, LOVE creating; it is a chance to share a part of who you are with others. Sometimes that can be scary, but one of my favorite things is to see faces light up when I give them their creation. I love making people smile!

3 thoughts on “Meet Jennifer

  1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for the blog follow. I really enjoyed how you framed your “about me” section so I am definitely looking forward to checking out the rest of this blog!



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