Meet The Reichles

Meet Kent and JenHello! We are Kent and Jen Reichle, two avid adventurers who fell in love on a mountain in Colorado then set off to explore the world together.  Throughout our travels, one thing was certain–our passion for the great outdoors runs deep!  This passion also opened our eyes to some of the “not so great” ways society interacts with the natural world and the consequences of these decisions.  We started to desire a more natural lifestyle, living in tune with nature rather than exploiting it.  To us, this means living in a low-impact, off the grid home and growing a majority of our own food.  It also means being able to choose how and when we interact with society rather than depending on it. Under Open Skies is our journey toward this goal.

About Jen
Artist, Designer, Crafts Woman, Outdoor Adventurer, Tree Hugger, and Animal Lover
Jen BioJen is an eclectic artist and photojournalist with a deep love for nature and animals.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science with an academic minor in Equine Sciences from Pennsylvania State University and a myriad of training from her time in US military.  She plans to try her hand at organic gardening in union with raising animals.  She will also be expanding her craftswoman skills to design a home that is functional and beautiful.

About Kent
Future Grizzled Outdoorsman, Self Reliance Enthusiast, Survival Guru
About KentKent is an aspiring survivalist who is in charge of financing, co-designing, and building our low impact-off the grid house.  He specializes in off the grid shelters and power generation.  Kent has been camping since he was a child and has received survival training from the US air force.  Kent wants to learn and to teach others that they have a choice in the way they live and how much they want to depend on society for the basics in life (water, food, and shelter).

Things You’ll Find Here:
The Art House Project
Home Plans, Skills Development, Design Sketches and Inspiration
The development and actualization of Jen’s plan to turn their low-impact, off the grid home into a collective work of art.

Sustainable Living
Raising Animals, Gardening, and Off the Grid Plans
The planning and undertaking of our journey toward self reliance and natural living.

Travel, Exploration, Adventures
Sharing some of our random adventures and travels.


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