Rescue Work


Denali, aka Fluffy Bunny-Puppy

 Meet Denali, our rescued fur kid! It was love at first sight for our family and this wonderful fluffy splash coat husky. Lucky Dog Animal Rescue quickly aided us through the adoption screening and this cute little guy leapt into our arms with puppy kisses galore. He is a perfect fit and we consider ourselves lucky to have him in our lives.  Yes, we are the luck ones.

It breaks my heart to know that so many sweet animals continue to struggle.  The fortunate thing is that we all have a choice in the matter; we can  become part of the solution.  That is what Under Open Skies is all about, igniting positive change by embracing the light through the darkness.  I try to do my part by regularly donating original oil paintings and photo sessions to non-profit animal rescue and welfare organizations.

If you are an animal shelter, welfare, or rescue organization in the Northern Virginia/DC Area feel free to contact me.  I reserve time each month specifically to donate artwork and services to animal rescue causes.  I am always thrilled to help!


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