Growing Wild: The Creative Mind, Body, and Soul


Chalk Face, The Artsy Selfie


I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for – Georgia O’Keeffe

Something wonderful happens when an artist creates; the mind quiets and opens, the body moves effortlessly with grace, and the soul unleashes a torrent of creative energy. The walls isolating us as individuals crumble beneath the river of energy and we become one with the world. There is no needy and insecure “I” to satisfy, there is no past, and there is no future, all have merged with the present moment and that is all that exists.

Creating is as close to Eden as I have come.  This experience of unleashing creativity is the way we were meant to live every moment of our lives. We were meant to be free; children of the wild like we once were before we put up walls and let an illusion of who we think we should be drive our lives.  When I sit down to work on a piece, all of my obstacles melt away.  I transition from thinking and doing to feeling and being.  Time does not exist, problems do not exist; nothing exists outside this moment and the energy that has consumed me.  My hands work…strokes of paint on the canvas, shaping clay, pieces coming together, and I watch it unfold.  Unsure of whether I am experiencing or creating; I am one with the piece, pouring all of my being into it.  This melding of art and artist is what draws us in; it explains why we create and why we love to bring the works of others into our homes.

IMG_8194When you view or bring home a piece from an artist, you become part of that experience.  Your unique energy, interpretation, and meaning are brought to the story.  Have you ever viewed something that captivates you?  Your walls melt away, you become joined with the world around you, and you shift into feeling and being.  It is as though the energy of the piece connected to your very being.  You can feel the warmth and vibrancy carrying you away to a moment when time stands still and all that exists is you experiencing this work of art.  This sharing of creativity is why I love what I do.  I love being able to bring life, love, hope, adventure, intrigue, joy, and comfort to others.

We all have this energy coursing within us.  Let the term “create” become abstract in your mind and you will realize that we are all creators of the moments in our lives.  From drawing out solutions to sculpting your body, you can experience creative living anytime by harnessing it and staying in touch with your true self.   This true self is what remains when you let go of the past that defines you.  It is left when you no longer worry about societal pressures and norms.  It is felt when you stop struggling with yourself and just be yourself.  Be the light you find in your heart, welcome the light of others into your life, and become the joy you were meant to bring to the world.

Two people who have inspired me this week with their gifts…
1. Charcoal Drawings by Heather Hansen
2. Violin Music by Lindsey Stirling

I challenge you to share, what inspires you?  Express yourself in the comments below.


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Stay with the light…a lesson on humanity and following your heart

Be TrueFollowing your heart can be a daunting and scary task, mainly because it requires you to open who you truly are to the unpredictable world around you.  It can be a difficult journey, learning to love yourself for all your strengths and weaknesses.  Opening this up to the world can leave us feeling quite vulnerable.  There is no longer a barrier; just you absorbing all the beauty around you and trying to deflect the ugliness.  It is scary, but you need to do it anyways.

Learning to run an art business has been my big scary hurdle.  I’ve always wanted to do this, but I was trapped by other people’s negativity.  I’ve grown up with ideas like, “you need to get a real job” and “art doesn’t make money”.  Then I decided that I wasn’t going to let others’ concepts of success deter me from following my heart.  Have their tunes changed? …no, not really…but I have.  The more comfortable I grow with my authentic self, the more I say “yes” to it, the more wonderful experiences I open my heart up to receive.  It is scary being this vulnerable but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is truly living.  You are going to build beautiful friendships and burn bridges.  You are going to create joy and unintentional pain.  There will be days filled with sunshine and others with pouring rain.  There will be great accomplishments and difficult lessons learned.  You will laugh and you will cry.  There will be days when your heart feels like mush on the ground and  you will want to give up; you’ll want to give in to the darkness that is the anger and pain inside you. But anger and pain accomplish nothing until you can learn to shed your light on them.  There is no greater tragedy than encountering people who have yielded to their darkness.  They are angry, they don’t accept apologies, they refuse to move forward, and refuse to show compassion to others.  We all have these moments of darkness, we all make mistakes, but it is important to catch yourself and turn these moments around.  Light can turn negativity into compassion and with compassion we can continue to follow our hearts.  We can forgive, we can learn to love, we can let go, and we can move forward.

What we put out into the world (physical or online) is an opportunity for us to spread joy or pain to others.  We choose what we create, we can bring joy into the world or add to the misery.  Spreading our darkness can be like a poison that brings others down with it.  But if we stay positive instead and shine our light through the darkness, we give people permission to do the same.  One light turns into many making the world turn into a brighter and happier place.

I hope that each of you let your true self shine through in all you do, even if you are afraid.  Don’t give into the darkness, let your light shine!  Be true to who you are and share that with the world around you…it is truly a gift like no other.